Buy a Chinese Microsoft Surface Pro Clone for Only $350 (€265)

A Surface Pro replica is now on display at CeBIT 2013

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is a rather expensive device, given the fact that the entry-level model is priced at $899 (€688), but here’s one pretty interesting alternative for those looking for a more affordable version.

A Chinese company called HKC has created its own Surface Pro tablet simply called “Tablet PC” that’s on display these days at CeBIT 2013.

The device has all the things you could find on a Surface Pro, including a kickstand, a camera (and a Flash) plus a docking station that comes with a keyboard to replace the famous Touch Cover created by Microsoft.

According to the editors over at, the knockoff packs 4 GB of RAM and a 32 GB SSD, it runs Windows 8 and uses a 11.6-inch screen, so it’s a bit larger than the original Surface Pro.

The good thing is that it’s a lot cheaper than Microsoft’s tablet, as it costs only $350 (€265). And you can even stamp your own name on the aluminum case if you want!

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