Buy a Surface Pro 128GB Right Now for “Only” $2,000 (€1,495)

The device is currently on sale on eBay at a much higher price

The Surface Pro with 128 GB of storage space is still unavailable at Microsoft stores and at its partners in the United States and Canada, but those who want this particular model still have one more option left. has found that a few units are currently available on eBay, obviously at a much heftier price, in some cases even reaching $2,000 (€1,495).

Of course, unless you’re filthy rich and ready to spend a small fortune on a Surface Pro, you’re strongly recommended to wait a little bit more, as Microsoft promises that more units are likely to be made available anytime soon.

You can now pre-order the 128GB model from Microsoft’s official website, with the first units to be delivered to buyers in early March, according to a notification posted by the company.

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