CCleaner 3.26 Available for Download

It adds cleaning for Office 2013 and Adobe Reader 11

Piriform just released version 3.26 for their cleaning tool for Windows, CCleaner. The new release features improvements and the ability to clean up unnecessary files created by Office 2013.

Also new in this revision is the possibility to clean up Adobe Reader 11.0 files.

As far as improvements are concerned, the development team bettered Mozilla Firefox add-on management and extension management in Google Chrome. Optimizations available in this build touch on directory analysis algorithm.

Furthermore, issues, though minor, with the installer for Windows 8 should no longer be experienced by users.

Additional modifications in this build refer to less significant user improvements relating to the user interface, updating of the Unicode translations and various, unspecified tweaks and bug fixes.

CCleaner is available for download as a portable program (no installation is required) on this page.

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