CastleStorm for Windows 8 Coming in April

The tower defense game will arrive on Microsoft’s new OS very soon

The Windows 8 Store is growing bigger, as many more developers are porting their apps to the newly released platform, so the future looks bright for this particular feature.

Now Zen Studios, the company behind CastleStorm, has confirmed that it will release the tower defense game on Windows 8 as well, with April cited as the month to witness the highly anticipated launch.

While details remain scarce for the time being, the game will come with several playing modes, including a campaign and online multiplayer, obviously thanks to Xbox Live support.

According to Joystiq, the company is yet to announce a price for the upcoming game on Windows 8 platforms, but more information is very likely to emerge soon. Of course, CastleStorm will be compatible not only with the desktop version of Windows 8, but also with Windows RT tablets.

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