Celebrate Spring Festival with These Free Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft continues to highlight some “special” Windows 8 programs

If you’re having a look in the Windows Store these days, you may find several software sub-sections, one of which is especially aimed at Chinese users.

“Happy Chinese New Year,” the name of the sub-category placed in “Lifestyle” reads, as it comprises several applications to help users celebrate Spring Festival with some very special Windows 8 tools.

Except for Skype, all apps are specifically designed for Chinese users, but they’re all available for download in the global version of the Store, so you can still grab them even if you’re not living in China.

“Get ready to enjoy a long and relaxing holiday! Celebrate the Spring Festival with apps that help you keep in touch with family and friends, play games and create a delicious feast.”

While Microsoft hasn’t said a thing about the new sub-section, it’s very likely to remain in the Store for a week or so, as the company is trying to highlight specific applications on a weekly basis.

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