Cheap Android Tablet for Kids Uses Windows 8’s “Confusing” UI

An Android tablet aimed at children mimics Windows 8’s GUI

Windows 8’s new GUI is often deemed confusing, as plenty of consumers struggle to get used to the Start Screen and the hot corners.

But although it was severely criticized by so-called experts and analysts, it appears that Windows 8 is not so confusing after all.

A 10.1-inch Android tablet sold by ToysRUs comes with a GUI that clearly mimics the Windows 8 Start Screen. While we’re not sure that Microsoft agrees with it, there’s one interesting thing about it: the device is aimed at kids and comes with a price tag of $149.99 (€115).

So here you are, a device specifically created for children that boasts a “confusing” interface. It appears that Microsoft was actually right when it said that Windows 8 is so intuitive that even a kid would be able to use it…

And by the way, the tablet has all the goodies you would ever want, including Wi-Fi and a microSD card slot.

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