Cheap Windows 8 Copies Still Available

Some retailers are offering the new OS with a major discount

Microsoft officially introduced the new Windows 8 pricing on February 1, but those looking to get the new operating system at a very low price can still do so thanks to third-party retailers.

While most people head over to the Microsoft website to buy Windows 8, Amazon is selling it much cheaper, writes.

The standard price of the new Windows 8 is $199.99 (€149.99), but Amazon is selling a copy of the operating system for $104.99 (€78.5). This is $95 (€70) less than the original price of the product, so this is your chance to get an almost 50 percent discount for Microsoft’s latest operating system.

While Amazon’s discount is also available in some European countries, not all retailers are offering price cuts for Windows 8, so make sure you search the web thoroughly before buying it.

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