Chrome Beta 15.0.874.102 Fixes 'Aw, Snap!' Issue

Bug mending, includes tab crash fixes on Windows and Linux

Among the highlights of the previously released beta for Chrome was optimization of HTML5 media elements and an improved Omnibox. Chrome Beta 15.0.874.102 has been rolled out with the purpose of fixing tab crash issues.

Although this version is available for all supported platforms (Windows, Linux Mac and Chrome Frame), the issues fixed in it occurred only on Microsoft’s platform and on Linux.

On Windows, the infamous “Aw, Snap!” message would occur when navigating to certain web address.

First reported in March, the problem seemed to be with the timer in WebKit, which would trigger twice instead of just one time. But that was only part of the issue, because in late June the bug was spotted again.

Getting to the root of the trouble took a while, as the bug report dates from March this year, and it seems to no longer appear in Chrome Beta.

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