City National Bank Replaces Laptops with Surface Pro Tablets

The bank has decided to make the move to Microsoft’s tablet

They say that tablets aren’t quite the most productive devices on Earth, but it turns out that City National Bank, the Los Angeles-based private and business bank, thinks otherwise.

The financial institution has recently decided to replace some of its laptops with Surface Pro tablets, as they run the full version of Windows 8.1 Pro and come with longer battery life.

“We looked at multiple options out there, and as soon as we saw the Surface device, we recognized right away that this was a unique device that really fit the bill for what we are looking for,” said City National Bank's Senior Vice President of Business and Technology Services Jim Ellaboudy.

Of course, Redmond was excited with the news and applauded the bank’s decision to embrace the Surface Pro, saying that its tablet “is the one device they can use, on the road or in the office, to deliver a high-end technology-rich experience.”

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