Classic Shell 3.9.0 Beta Start Button Comes with Better Windows 8.1 Support – Free Download

A new beta version of the famous Start button app is now available

Classic Shell 3.9.0 beta is now available for download, bringing several new options and improved support for Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 Preview.

According to the official release notes, the app now comes with a dedicated shutdown button, but also with settings to pin programs directly from explorer and display the frequently used apps in the menu.

In addition, this new build comes with a Windows 7 menu style that looks just like the Start Menu available in the world’s number one operating system. Support for the Windows indexing service now enables you to search for files and programs straight from the Start Menu.

Improved compatibility with Windows 8.1 Preview and many improvements to performance and responsiveness are also part of the new release.

Download Classic Shell 3.9.0 Beta for Windows

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