Classic Start 8 Released

The third-party Start menu app received a new round of improvements

Microsoft might be delaying the return of the Start menu, but third-party apps that can bring back this feature in modern Windows are still amazingly popular, so updates are obviously coming on a regular basis.

Classic Start 8 is one of the apps that could return the full desktop usability in Windows 8 and 8.1, so it's no surprise that so many users rushed to give it a try. And thanks to an update released earlier today, the app is expected to work even better and make the modern operating system a bit more helpful on desktop PCs.

Not much has been said about this update, but it's safe to assume that Classic Start 8 is mostly focused on fixing bugs and performance issues, so in case you've experienced some problems with older releases, this is the version that you should try.

The app continues to work flawlessly on both Windows 8 and 8.1 and even though no dedicated support for Windows 8.1 Update is being offered, I've tried it and everything seems to be running flawlessly.

In the end, if Microsoft doesn't want to bring back the Start menu in Windows this year, you should really download Classic Start 8 and give it a try as soon as possible, especially if you still consider the modern platform a confusing operating system.

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