Classic Start 8 is a Simple Start Button Alternative for Windows 8

What you see is what you get, no settings available

The lack of the start button in Windows 8 created a lot of mixed feelings about the success of the new operating system from Microsoft. Luckily, there are several alternatives for this issue, and Classic Start 8 (freeware) is among the newest available.

Once installed, it adds the lost button and offers almost the same functionality as the launcher in Windows 7.

Looks are very similar to the original, as Classic Start 8 shows a list with accessed programs, a search bar and the side menu.

Not available in this alternative is the user picture and the list of recent items for the entries. You do not have to deal with any settings because there aren’t any.

The launcher can be deployed in the same easy way as the original counterpart in Windows 7.

Download Classic Start 8

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