Cobian 11 (Gravity) Beta Released

Includes AES encryption (128, 192 and 256 bits) outside ZIP compression

Cobian Backup stepped into a new stage of development with the current release of the beta build for version 11, dubbed Gravity. Among the chief improvement available in the revision is support for AES encryption (128, 192 and 256 bits) outside ZIP compression.

The set of changes is pretty impressive, as a pile of new things have been added, including parameters, options and features. The scheduler has been expanded with two more choices and you can select a fixed day of the week to turn an incremental or differential backup into a full one.

The decryptor and decompressor are more versatile, as multiple sources are now supported and accept command line arguments.

The number of differential backups can be limited by the user to a certain amount and the Safe Mirror directory can now keep the original folder structure.

Check the full set of details on this page.

Download Cobian Backup

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