Contre Jour Released on Windows 8, Playable with Internet Explorer 10

The famous game can now be played right in your browser

The famous iOS game Contre Jour has arrived on Windows 8 platforms, allowing users to take the most out of the new operating systems’ touch features.

The game can be played by simply typing in your browser’s address bar and although Microsoft says that it was designed for Internet Explorer 10, other browsers seem to support it as well.

Truth is, IE 10 provides a very smooth gaming experience, so in case you’re running Windows 8, make sure you give this game a try with Microsoft’s very own browser.

You can play with your mouse, but for the best performance, a touchscreen is recommended.

“Contre Jour is the first game brought to the web that actually requires multi-touch on particular levels. These kind of multi-touch experiences have typically been limited to apps, but with IE10 and its extensive touch support, the team has been able to deliver an elaborate and engaging game that requires users to get hands on to complete levels,” Microsoft explained.

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