Contre Jour for IE10 Gets New Levels, Play Now

The game is now back with 20 new levels to play on the web

Back in October, Microsoft officially announced the release of a web-based version of the popular game called Contre Jour that could provide a seamless gaming experience in Internet Explorer 10.

Thanks to HTML5 support, the game enjoyed a terrific success, as Microsoft claims that users from more than 100 countries in the world played it at least once.

Now the game is back with 20 new levels and two fresh worlds called “New Friend World” and “Moonlight World.”

“Just like the game we launched this fall, these new levels show off the power of browsing in IE10 with fully accelerated HTML5, and advanced multi-touch support for a first class browsing experience on a tablet,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Of course, the game can be played not only in Internet Explorer 10, but also in any other browser offering HTML5 support.

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