Costco to Start Selling the Surface RT in the US

Microsoft expands retail availability of the tablet with a new partner

While everybody is waiting for the Surface Pro that will hit the shelves on February 9, Microsoft is continuing its efforts to bring the Surface RT into new stores across the United States. writes that the first tablet in Microsoft’s history is very likely to arrive at Costco in the US, with pricing to be very similar to the one used by the software giant.

This means that the entry-level Surface RT is going to cost $499 (€370), while the 32 GB version with a Touch Cover will be priced at $599 (€445). The top-of-the-range Surface RT with a Touch Cover and 64 GB of storage space will have a price tag of $699 (€520).

Costco, however, plans to allow buyers who choose a Surface RT with a Touch Cover to pick any color they like for the keyboard, instead of the standard black version.

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