Create Your Own Windows 8-Like Facebook Cover Photo with This Tool

Windows 8 cover photo creator for Facebook released

Microsoft has recently released the so-called “Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator for Facebook,” a web-based application that creates a Windows 8-inspired cover photo for your Facebook profile.

Basically the easiest way to show everybody else that you’re using Windows 8, the app is available online via your Facebook.

It’s based on a simple idea: the app scans all your profile information, including photos, friends and likes and generates a virtual Start Screen with “live” tiles showing all these details. The picture is then applied as your new cover photo on the Facebook profile.

“It’s a new Facebook app from the Windows team that connects to your social stream to create a new Cover Photo. It’s fast and easy and has a degree of customization so you can pick and choose which photos and apps appear in certain tiles,” Microsoft says.

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