DI.FM for Windows 8 Update Released for Download

The first update of the app is now up for grabs from the Store

DI.FM was officially released only a few days ago, but the first update for the app is now showing up in the Store on all Windows 8 versions.

The new release comes with small UI changes to the channel view plus an in-app volume slider available via the AppBar. The update has also fixed an issue with the Snapped Channel View not updating when switching channels.

Of course, the app continues to provide access to all DI.FM stations, so you can easily listen to your favorite music genre without even leaving the Metro UI.

DI.FM for Windows 8 is still offered with a freeware license, so you can download it at no cost, regardless of whether you’re running the desktop version of Windows 8 or the Windows RT flavor.

Click here to view the updated DI.FM product page in your browser.

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