Dance Gangnam Style on Windows 8 with This Free Game

Exciting “Gangnam Guy” game lands in the Windows Store

Gangnam Style is currently the most popular YouTube clip ever, but it has also served as source of inspiration for quite a wide array of apps and games.

The latest in this series is the so-called Gangnam Guy, a freeware Windows 8 game available in the built-in Store.

While the game could easily become addictive, the idea behind its concept is pretty simple: you only have to jump left or right to avoid the incoming banana peels, but try to get as many roses and money rolls as possible.

In the end, there’s only one goal: meet “the sexy lady,” who shall only appear if you have enough money and roses. If you were wondering, the soundtrack is obviously the well-known hit “Gangnam Style.”

Click here to load the Gangnam Guy product page in your browser.

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