Dell Issues Warning for Windows XP Users, Wants Everyone to Move to Windows 8

The company warns that most apps won't work on Windows XP soon

Microsoft is still struggling to move users from Windows XP to a newer platform, but the company is also receiving some help from partners across the world.

Dell, for example, has issued a warning for businesses still on XP, explaining that most apps currently available on this OS version won't work starting with April 8, 2014.

“A lot of app vendors are stopping support with XP, so that’s going to drive migration,” Andy Rhodes, executive director of workstations and end user computing at Dell told IT Pro.

“We expect the SMB market to step up to Windows 8 quickly. For a lot of enterprises, the decision will be based on the image more so that whether they can get value out of touch.”

The problem is that many users still prefer to stay on Windows XP, even though the security risks are pretty obvious. At this point, Windows XP is powering 30 percent of computers worldwide, according to third-party data.

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