Dell Showcases the Essential Windows 8 Shortcuts – Video

Watch a 5-minute clip to make the most of Windows 8 more easily

Just like any other Windows contraption, the new Windows 8 comes with support for a long list of keyboard shortcuts which are supposed to help you make the most of the operating system more easily and a bit faster.

As we’ve already told you, there are plenty of hotkeys available in Windows 8, both new and old, as Microsoft equipped its new software with a few more shortcuts over the ones already brought by the previous versions.

Since Dell is one of the companies that are betting big on Windows 8, it has released a video to present the essentials Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts, in an attempt to show users that getting around the new operating system isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

In case you’re looking for the complete list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts, check out our own list.

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