Dell: Windows 7 Is Still Much More Appealing than Windows 8

The company claims that many users are now moving to Windows 7

Windows 8 is already on the market, the first update is on its way, but many customers are still choosing Windows 7. At least that's what Dell said in its recent earnings conference call.

Corporate consumers are now migrating from older operating systems, such as XP or Vista, to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8, even though Microsoft promotes it as a much more secure, stable, and faster platform.

"I think you continue to see Windows 7 on the commercial side of the business. It's driving a refresh cycle," Brian T. Gladden, chief financial officer for Dell, said.

"Windows 8 has been from our standpoint, not necessarily the catalyst to drive accelerated growth that we had hoped it would be."

In other words, Dell now officially joins the club of companies disappointed by the early performance of Windows 8. On the good side, Dell has a lot more patience than others, so it'll continue selling devices running the new operating system for a while.

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