Design Concept Imagines a Great-Looking Windows 8 Start Menu

Here’s how Windows 8 with a Start Menu could look like

Microsoft’s “reimagined” Windows operating system dumps the popular Start Menu in the favor of a Start Screen, but users seem to really miss this traditional Windows feature.

While CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft has no intention to bring the feature back in Windows 8, DeviantArt user andrei19190 has created what seems to be the most eye-candy version of a possible Start Menu.

It looks really great, although the fact that it eats up the entire screen isn’t quite helpful, and it can be optimized for both desktop PCs and touchscreen devices.

What’s more, the Start Menu would also include options to quickly reboot or shut down the system without actually launching the Start Screen and logging off before anything else.

Of course, there’s absolutely no chance to see such an implementation in Windows 8, but Microsoft should really take a look at this.

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