Developer Says He’s Making Money with Windows 8

“We are doing great on Windows 8,” he said in a statement

While game developer Rubicon has complained that it spent more than $16,000 (€13,300) to port a game to Windows 8 and recorded sales of only $84 (€65), another developer steps in to praise Microsoft’s new platform.

Extended Results said that its PUSHBI app for Windows 8 has been doing “great” since launch, with sales clearly exceeding the $84 received by Rubicon.

“Since the launch of our title, we have had over 2,500 downloads. That is not too bad for an Enterprise business application. And I can share this, we made WAY MORE than $83 bucks on it,” the company said in a blog post.

PUSHBI is a Windows 8 application that develops company information and statistics in an easy to read interface. It can connect to a number of different platforms, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPivot, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL and Analysis Services, Oracle and SAP.

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