Display Driver Stops Responding on Windows 8.1 for Some Users

Users are now reporting issues with the display driver

The Windows 8.1 update is also breaking down the display drivers on some specific computers every time the machines are restored from sleep mode.

Users who posted on Intel’s support forums are provided with an error message saying that “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” just after a short flash and the screen goes dark for a couple of seconds.

According to some unconfirmed information, this issue is mostly affecting Clover Trail-based Windows 8 tablets, such as Thinkpad Tablet 2, Acer W8xx, the ASUS version, and the Dell Latitude 10.

One of the causes could be incompatible graphics drivers, so the first thing to check in case you’re getting this error too is the version of your installed drivers. Make sure you are running the latest build and, in case new versions compatible with Windows 8.1 are available, install them as soon as possible.

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