Don’t Panic, Microsoft Is Still Working on Surface Wi-Fi Bug

The company confirms that a patch for the issue is in the works

Users reported a Wi-Fi bug affecting Microsoft’s first tablet in history a long time ago and even though the company has released several patches, the problem is yet to be fixed.

The Redmond-based technology giant said that a patch was in the works with several occasions, but since many more users are now reporting the same problem, the company comes back to remind us that a fix should be released anytime soon.

“I'm doing some testing on my own personal time while the Product Team is investigating the WiFi issue, to see what the Surface will and wont play nicely with and see if we can get a decent work around. I believe you are correct, it should have nothing to do with IPv6 but I'll investigate that,” a member of the Surface team confirmed on Microsoft’s support forums.

The problem is affecting tens of tablets at this point and leads to limited or no connectivity at all, so users are urging Microsoft to fix the bug as the Wi-Fi capability is the only way to browse the web on a Surface.

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