Doodle God for Windows 8 Gets Freeware Version, Download Now

A free build of the popular game is now in the Store

We’ve already told you that Doodle God landed in the Windows Store a couple of days ago, but we come back with some even more good news.

A freeware version of the game is now up for grabs in the Store, offering almost the same goodies as the full-featured build.

In case you’re not bothered by a few ads, the so-called Doodle God F2P is the right choice for you. The game still brings HD graphics, support for 12 different languages and multiple gaming modes, including Puzzle and Survivor quests.

The game works on any Windows 8 version currently available to users, so you can install and play it on x86, x64, and ARM builds of Microsoft’s latest OS.

Click here to view the official Doodle God F2P product page in your browser.

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