Download AIDA64 2.30.1907 Beta

Adds new audit components: ATA device, ATA device + serial number

FinalWire Ltd, the developers for AIDA diagnostic and benchmarking software, have released a new beta for the product. As a general rule for beta releases for this application, modifications are not extraordinary and the same pattern is available in this case, too.

AIDA64 2.30.1907 introduces new audit components (ATA device and ATA device + serial number). It also adds IID values for Storage / ATA page.

The changes in this revision consist in making the aforementioned Storage / ATA page part of the member of Audit related pages.

AIDA64 comes in three versions, Extreme Edition, Extreme Engineer and Business Edition, only the last two being allowed for commercial usage. The product offers a wide range of features that can assist you in overclocking and stress testing a computer system, hardware error diagnosis and sensor monitoring.

AIDA64 is available for download from this page.

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