Download Chrome 25.0.1337.0 with Secret New Features and Changes

Google's not telling anyone what's new in the latest Chrome

It's been more than a couple of weeks since the Chrome dev channel has been updated, quite a long time for this normally fast-paced channel. What's more, the latest update doesn't really bring much new, Chrome 25.0.1337.0, available for Windows, Mac and as Chrome Frame, is a very minor update.

This is a bug fixing release, but if you're curious to know what bugs were fixed, you're not the only one. The changelog Google provides is for an older version and that's the only info it provides.

If you're running the dev channel, you're taking on some risks, still it's precisely these more adventurous users that don't appreciate being kept in the dark or Google's "you'll take whatever we give you and you'll like it" approach. You can try to discover some of the changes here.

If you've been having problems with a bug, the surefire way to know if it’s fixed is to wait for the update and see if it's still there.

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