Download Facebook Now for Windows 8

Full-featured client lets you access your Facebook profile from Windows 8 Metro

Facebook isn’t even considering a Metro client for Windows 8, but third-party developers are hard at work to fill the gap and provide adopters of the new OS with a full-featured app.

Such an example is Facebook Now, a new application that brings basically everything Facebook has to offer in the Metro UI of your computer, including photo galleries, news feeds, chat, messaging, and events.

The app is available for free and even packs Windows 8 integration to pin friends and pages to the Start Screen in order to access them a lot faster.

Facebook Now can be installed on basically every single Windows 8 version available on the market right now, including the x86 and x64 desktop versions, as well as the tablet-oriented Windows RT.

Click here to view and download Facebook Now for Windows 8.

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