Download GPU-Z 0.6.7

It includes support for new hardware, adds readout for texture mapping units

GPU-Z has been updated to a new version today. The fresh release, 0.6.7, adds support for new hardware, a new function as well as general improvements.

The current build integrates readouts for texture mapping units (TMUs) and the position of the window is now restored upon startup. Starting this revision the program will display some sensor data when minimized to system tray.

As far as hardware support is concerned, GPU-Z 0.6.7 can handle data from NVIDIA GTX 670MX, GT 645M, 730M, GeForce 505, Tesla K20c, K20m, M2070-Q, M2075, Quadro 410, K600, K4000, K4000M K5000, K5000M 5010M and from AMD Tahiti LE, HD 7870M, HD 8000M series.

It should no longer hang when started on systems equipped with AMD CrossFire hardware.

The developer got rid of the crash bug that terminated the application when scanning for power sensors and fixed memory size and GPU temperature reading on AMD Llano Fusion systems.

Download GPU-Z

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