Download Google Chrome 20.0.1132.43 Beta with Chromoting Fixes

Chrome 20 is very close to graduating to the stable channel

Google is continuing to iron out the kinks in the Chrome 20 beta that is fast approaching graduation to the stable channel. Google Chrome 20.0.1132.43, now available to beta channel users, only comes with several stability fixes, to be expected this late in the game.

Beta users should have gotten the new version via the automated updated system, or are getting it soon, but you can grab it via the download links below.

Most of the fixes in this update are related to Chromoting, the remote desktop tool built into every Chrome. Few people know it’s there, but Google has big plans for it, especially with Chromebooks and on the enterprise front. Specifically, the install process has been updated to work with some of the changes to Chromoting, particularly on Mac OS X devices.

Download Google Chrome for Windows

Download Google Chrome for Mac

Download Google Chrome for Linux

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