Download Google Chrome 24.0.1312.25 with Fullscreen App and Custom Data Dir Fixes

The latest bug fixing release addresses several issues plaguing beta users

There's a new Chrome 24.0.1312.25 beta for users wanting to check out new features and improvements before everyone else. The latest update fixes a number of issues, but doesn't come with any new features, as is always the case in the beta channel.

There are a couple of Windows 8 specific fixes – shortcuts in the taskbar that belong to uninstalled Chrome versions are now properly removed and the pin/unpin dialog now works properly even if the action is canceled before it's completed.

There's also a fix for the print dialog, footer and header text is now displayed properly. Extension icons now show proper number notifications again on Linux.

Fullscreen mode for apps windows, i.e. windows without the Chrome UI, now works on Mac OS X. On Windows, it is possible again to set custom user data and cache location via the registry.

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