Download Google Chrome 28 Stable

It includes richer notifications, updates Flash Player

Google rolled out the stable version for Chrome browser, but it is available only for Windows, Mac and Chrome Frame, via the automatic updates mechanism.

Most of the changes available in this build (28.0.1500.71) are security fixes. However, the developer also pushes the new Flash Player (11.8.800.97) separately, through the component updater, which delivers it to Linux users as well.

Important in this release is the availability of richer notifications, a feature that has been present in the beta channel of the browser since late May. This is currently available only for Windows users.

On Mac, the developer promises that the feature will be available soon.

Richer notifications consist in a new way to alert the user, one that shows messages from apps and extensions outside the browser window.

The new alerts should ensure that the user actually sees the alert. They support formatted text and images and include actions, so you can react to the message right away.

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