Download Google Drive Files in Windows 8 Metro for Free

GDrive Viewer is an application that comes with some pretty good options

Even though Google has decided to stop the development of new Windows 8 apps, third-party developers are hard at work to create their very own solutions to access services provided by the Mountain View-based search giant.

GDrive Viewer is one of these apps, allowing users to access their files stored in the Google Drive account without leaving the Metro interface of their Windows 8 computer.

The program enables you to browse folders and files with just a single tab, while also providing a great set of options to download documents to your desktop.

GDrive Viewer works on all Windows 8 versions, including x86, x64 and ARM builds, so it’s completely optimized for the touch. It comes with a freeware license, so it can be used at no cost.

Click here to view the GDrive Viewer Windows Store page in your browser.

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