Download HD Wallpapers Pro for Windows 8

This is one of the best wallpapers apps for Microsoft’s new OS

HD Wallpapers Pro is a pretty great application that allows users to download desktop backgrounds for their computers without even leaving the Metro UI of their Windows 8 computer.

The app comes with a great feature package that includes a lock screen preview and dedicated option to set the selected photo as lock screen preview and as user account picture.

In addition, the application comprises several wallpaper categories, such as separate sections to quickly access the latest wallpapers.

While HD Wallpapers Pro is not available with a freeware license, it is compatible with all Windows 8 versions currently on the market, including x86, x64 and ARM builds, so it can also get along very well with Windows RT tablets.

Click here to view the official HD Wallpapers Pro product page in your browser.

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