Download HWiNFO 4.24

It does away with crash bug occurring on some Windows 8.1 systems

System information and diagnostics freebie HWiNFO just received an update to build 4.24, for both 32- and 64-bit platforms.

The latest revision of the application includes extended hardware support as it can detect new Intel CPU models and report data of SATA HIPM and DIPM.

Moreover, HWiNFO 4.24 can detect the current SATA transfer rate for specific controllers and includes support for ITE IT8790E and for Intel 9-Series PCH.

The developer implemented the option to disable flushing of file buffers when the application starts and improved sensor monitoring in the case of Gigabyte Z87-OC and Z87X-UD5H. The drive detection method has been rewritten for better flexibility.

As far as bugs are concerned, the fresh revision does away with a crash that occurred on some Windows 8.1 machines. Also, on some systems the program would display irrelevant sensor values.

Download HWiNFO32 installer

Download HWiNFO32 portable version

Download HWiNFO64 installer

Download HWiNFO64 portable version

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