Download Landscape Wallpapers HD for Windows 8

One more desktop customization app for Microsoft’s newest operating system

If you launch the Windows Store and do a quick search for “wallpapers,” you should get quite a long list of applications supposed to do the same thing: provide you with high-quality desktop backgrounds.

If you wish to save some time and you’re ready to spend a few bucks on such an app, here’s one option: Landscape Wallpapers HD.

Just like its name suggests, the program comes with an impressive collection of wallpapers that can be used as lock screen backgrounds or save on the local folders to be then applied to the desktop.

You can also share wallpapers using the Charms bar integration, but also manage your list of favorite image straight from the app.

It offers support for basically every single Windows 8 version, so it can be deployed on Windows RT tablets as well.

Click here to view the Landscape Wallpapers HD page in your browser.

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