Download Lightroom 4.3 Stable

Includes stability fixes and improved functionality

Adobe released today the stable revision for Lightroom 4.3. The main focus with this build was to increase camera raw and lens profile support and to improve the stability and functionality of the application.

The repairs address the problem with autolayout producing a Book with the correct number of pages, but without any image added (occurs with the filter set to “unused”). Users should now be able to post photos to Flickr even if the name contains an apostrophe.

On Mac, using a Canon camera caused tethered captures to fail when turning the device off and then back on or when it entered in sleep mode and woke up again.

Stability problems addressed refer to Lightroom crashing when uploading large panorama images to Revel or when using multiple colors within a single text cell within the Book Module.

The entire list of fixes and the newly supported cameras and lens profiles are available here.

Download Adobe Lightroom for Windows or Mac

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