Download Microsoft’s Dolphins Theme for Windows 7 / 8

Here’s a very eye-candy way to customize your desktop

Microsoft keeps releasing new Windows themes on a regular basis, so the company today introduced the so-called “Dolphins Theme” that comprises 8 different high-resolution wallpapers.

As you may guess by simply reading its name, the theme comprises dolphins backgrounds, while offering support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system.

In addition to working on x64 and x86 builds of Microsoft’s operating system, the theme can handle Windows RT as well, so those who have already purchased such a tablet can deploy it too.

“There may not be a more joyous sight than dolphins leaping into the air in unison or gliding gracefully underwater. Celebrate the agility, playfulness, and beauty of these aquatic creatures in this free theme for Windows,” the theme’s description reads.

Download the Microsoft Dolphins Theme for Windows from Softpedia

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