Download Mustangs Theme for Windows 7

Enjoy the wild life of North American west on your PC’s desktop

By on September 4th, 2012 15:23 GMT

It’s always refreshing to have a glimpse at wild life after a few hours of working on your computer, and the latest theme available for Windows 7 computers seems meant exactly for that.

Featuring high-resolution images of wild horses, the new Mustangs theme will enable you to decorate your desktop with a piece of the North American west.

The wallpapers included in the theme will offer animal lovers the possibility to admire horses running around hills without any restraints from humans.

“Natural, untamed beauty; the majesty of the North American west; wild horses in full gallop: Photographer Gene Praag's striking images of Utah's Onaqui mustang herd will enliven your desktop with this free theme for Windows 7,” Microsoft notes.

Although meant mainly for Windows 7, the new theme will provide the same experience to Windows 8 users as well. The Mustangs theme can be downloaded from Softpedia via this link.

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