Download My Computer+ for Windows 8 with Metro Interface

Here’s a quick way to easily manage your files on a Windows 8 device

Managing your files on a Windows 8 device may be a bit difficult if you don’t wish to use the File Explorer option available on the desktop.

My Computer+ is an application that brings you the essential file managing options right in the Metro user interface of your Windows 8 device. It comes with features such as open, copy, paste and rename, but also with Charms integration to easily share specific files.

The app can work not only on x86 and x64 Windows 8 desktop computers, but also on ARM tablets with Windows RT, so it’s fully optimized for the touch.

Sadly, My Computer+ isn’t available for free, but only for a $2.99 (€2.25) fee. A trial version isn’t available right now, even though we bet that many users would love to give this app a try.

Click here to view the My Computer+ product page in your browser.

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