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It includes safeguards for RC4 encryption protocol weakness

While the wait for a Presto-less Opera is still on, the Norwegian developer launched today the stable build for Opera 12.15. The fresh revision, which was preceded by two release candidates, integrates stability improvements and security fixes.

Significant in this build is the fix for a bug that allowed third-party apps to override the default engine in the search bar.

As far as the security fixes are concerned, Opera 12.15 repaired a problem that caused an information leak through uninitialized image data. On the same note, this build eliminates a flaw that allowed websites to set cookies for the top-level domain (e.g. “.com”, ””).

Since the RC4 encryption protocol has been found to be vulnerable (permits an attacker to deduce plain text through statistical methods), Opera 12.15 includes safeguards (adds random data) to protect vulnerable connections.

The unusually high number of requests in less than 24 hours is treated as an attack and the browser will block the domain generating them, until the 24 hours expire.

An issue classified as “moderately severe” by the developer has also been eliminated; details are to be revealed at a later date.

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