Download Pocket Tanks for Windows 8

Yet another classic game is now available in the Windows Store

The number of apps available in the Windows Store is growing bigger, so it’s no surprise that adopters of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system can now play several classic and very popular games.

Among them, the exciting artillery game called Pocket Tanks. Also available on a number of different platforms, Pocket Tanks is now up for grabs in the Store at absolutely no cost.

The freeware version comes with plenty of goodies, but if you wish to get a truly unique experience, buy the Deluxe edition to receive 70 brand new weapons, support for weapon expansion packs, Jump Jets for moving the tank around and Digger for tunneling the tank underground.

The game can be installed on all Windows 8 platforms, including x86 and x64 desktop computers, but also Windows RT tablets.

Click here to view the Pocket Tanks product page in your browser.

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