Download Portable Firefox 23 Beta 5 for Windows

Use Mozilla’s popular browser without prior installation

Portable Firefox is a special version of Mozilla’s popular browser that allows users to explore the web on the go, without prior installation.

While this isn’t an official build rolled out by Mozilla, version 23 beta 5 packs all improvements available in the main version, so you can safely browse the web while carrying on the application on a flash drive.

Exclusively available on Windows computers, Portable Firefox can get along very well with all versions of Microsoft’s operating system, including the very old XP and the newly-launched Windows 8. Both 32- and 64-bit versions are supported.

Keep in mind that this continues to be a beta version of the browser, so you may still experience some issues when loading specific websites. The stable build of the app can be found here.

Download Portable Firefox 23 Beta 5 for Windows

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