Download Quake 2 for Jailbroken Windows RT Devices

The classic first-person shooter game is now available on tablets running Microsoft’s OS

The list of recompiled apps that could be used on jailbroken Windows RT devices is constantly growing bigger, with software creators all over the world joining forces to modify source codes of popular software solutions.

Quake 2, the utterly popular first-person shooter game, is now available for download for all those who decided to jailbreak their Windows RT tablet, with all files packed into a single ZIP archive.

While it’s all available in a very lightweight package, the software developer behind this project says that in order to successfully load Quake 2 on a jailbroken Windows RT, users need to copy some original files, also included in the demo, to the folders created by the ported game.

More exciting apps are currently recompiled to run on hacked Windows RT devices, so developers are also working on a dedicated app store to host these recompiled tools.

Click here to download Quake 2 for jailbroken Windows RT devices (this is a direct download link, a ZIP compression tool is needed).

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