Download Skype 6.9 for Windows

A new version of the program is now up for grabs from Softpedia

Skype 6.9 is now available for download, bringing a number of fixes on all Windows versions still supported by Microsoft at this point.

There are no release notes available at this point, but it’s safe to assume that Skype version number is supposed to fix bugs found in previous releases, while also improving performance in certain conditions.

This new version of Skype should work just fine, regardless of whether you are using the ancient Windows XP or the new Windows 8, but keep in mind that it’s only compatible with the desktop environment.

So in case you’re running Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform, Skype 6.9 can only be used on the desktop, as the Modern version of the app is yet to be updated.

Download Skype 6.9 for Windows

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