Download Spider Solitaire HD for Windows 8

The game is now available on Microsoft’s newest operating system too

While Microsoft no longer offers a Solitaire card game in its Windows operating system, the Windows Store comes with several alternatives, some of which are at least worth taking a look at.

Spider Solitaire HD is one of the best choices, as it packs HD graphics and an interesting feature list for all Windows 8 computer users.

The game comes with dedicated options to play with one, two or four suits, use it in portrait or landscape mode, disable or enable auto-card dimming and replay the same game.

What’s more, it lets you save and restore a game in progress, but also to choose one of three scoring modes.

Spider Solitaire HD is completely optimized for the touch, so it can also be used on Windows RT tablets.

Click here to view the official Windows Store page of Spider Solitaire HD for Windows 8.

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