Download This App to Find Out if Your PC Can Run Windows 8

Microsoft recently released the Windows 8 UpgradeAssistant

Windows 8 comes with a wide array of improvements and although some say that it’s even faster than Windows 7 on older computers, people are worried that Microsoft’s new OS could actually slow down their machines.

Microsoft however lends consumers a hand with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, a downloadable tool that allows them to check whether their system is ready for Windows 8.

Basically, you have nothing else to do than launch the app and let it do its magic. After a few minutes, it should display the number of apps and hardware devices compatible with Windows 8, while also providing dedicated features to help you determine the best Windows 8 flavor for you.

Of course, the application is available for free and can also be downloaded from Softpedia by clicking this link.

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