Download VLC 2.0.6

It integrates repairs touching on demuxers and decoders

VLC developers launched a new build for their media player application. On Windows, though, only the 64-bit version is currently available.

Since it is a minor release, VLC 2.0.6 integrates fixes and improvements.

HTTPS playback should work fine now with some certificates that had previously been rejected, and on Windows there should no longer be a problem with uninstalling the application from a different location than "C:\".

The developer included several repairs touching on demuxers and decoders, which in some cases could lead to crashing the application (broken ASF files, HTML SRT subtitles).

On the same note, GPU decoding with Intel HD 2000/3000 cards on Windows has been repaired and there should no longer be issues with FLAC 6.1 and 7.1 channel layout.

Additional repairs available in this release refer to MKV behavior with unknown or new EBML elements and an issue with ALAC in an MP4 regression.

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